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Naqaab – As un-original as it gets

Spoiler Warning

Abbas-Mustan are the prime exponents of thrillers in Bollywood. They have scoured indie/obscure movies from abroad and found a film, which they think will work well with an ‘Indian’ audience’ and done their redux version. The movie might do well, and most would not care if its not original. But I care. I think you can borrow but making it out that you have had that brilliant ‘insight’ is pathetic.

Naqaab is a copy of the 2003 film ‘Dot the I‘.

‘Dot the I’ is pretty original, and I must say that the director duo have a good taste in movies. Maybe they could approach me!

Dot the I is written and directed by Tony Parkhill, stars Gael Garcia Bernal, Natalie Verbeke and James D’Arcy. I saw the film a couple of weeks back, and the trailers of Naqaab have given me more than I need to confirm that. There are scenes which I recognized, and also some of the outfits of the new siren, Urvashi Sharma – who looks more German than ‘Indian’ (if you can make such a generic categorization).

info about Dot the I from imdb.com

“Carmen, a beautiful Spanish woman with a tendency to lose her temper at the drop of a hat, is about to married to Barnaby, a caring, wealthy, but slightly boring Englishman. While out with friends on her ‘hen night’ she encounters a stranger who suddenly sparks a passion that has been sleeping within her. As her wedding date approaches, she finds herself struggling to put this newcomer out of her mind, but his effect on her keeps growing stronger. What is it that he sees in her, and why does she feel like she’s being pushed inevitably into his arms? Written by Jean-Marc Rocher {rocher@fiberbit.net}

info about Naqaab from nowrunning.com

Naqaab tells the story of Sophie (Urvashi Sharma), a young girl from a middle-class family. She is engaged to millionaire Karan Khanna (Bobby Deol). When she meets Vicky Malhotra (Akshaye Khanna) her affections shift to him and problems begin in her relationship with Karan.

The focus of the film also shifts to the shady past of all three characters, with some unexpected elements thrown in. Who does Urvashi choose? Who does she really want? What are their shady pasts?

Expect a rocking thriller once again from the masters of this genre- Abbas-Mustan.

Rock on Bollywood… !!! Atleast you can’t copy the sex scenes…. 🙂


The dark side


I saw Spider-Man 3 yesterday and I was not very impressed. Too much mush and the action happened once in a while. But I enjoyed one part particularly. An alien symbiote merges with Peter Parker and alters his behavior. You could construe that his behavior turned out for the worse as a result of this, but I enjoyed the negative shades to Peter Parker. A welcome break from his tepid relationship with Mary Jane. He gives rival photographer Eddie Brock Jr a piece of his mind. He sashays down the avenue as if free from constraint, woes the ladies and gets himself a flashy blazer. He takes out Brocks girlfriend Gwen Stacy (played by the incredibly attractive Bryce Dallas Howard) to dinner, where he comes across Mary Jane, who is a waitress/singer at the same restaurant. He plays out a revenge dance, only to be discovered by his partner Stacy, who wants no part in his agenda. He ends up hurting Mary Jane and walks out after a brief fight with some bouncers. For a brief while, he wears the newly formed black-spidey suit and deals with foes ruthlessly. After many doubts, he rips apart the symbiote-suit atop a cathedral, only for the symbiote to fall on Brock, who happens to be at the cathedral by coincidence, which transforms Brock into the evil Venom

Peter Parker returns to being a wuss, and I was ready to leave the cinema

Wicked children and other experiences in Kottayam

Children can be wicked. Especially those who bully and tease. Parents mean only the best for their children and school figures prominently in their plans. But when they leave you behind you are throw to the mercy of the small little things. When you grow older you can deal with crap, but not when you finding who you are.

Kottayam school

I was here for a month. I was teased regularly and did not have many friends. My only friend was Molly, my sister. Some flashes. She was hit by a teacher for not folding her hands properly while praying to our Lord Jesus Christ. That nun is going to get it from Him when the Ressurection happens! We were made to sand on the damb mud, where the big black ants would feast on twitching legs. Look around me and all I see darkness, even in the afternoon.

My aunt Elsa would give us both packed lunch, which was the only thing I loved about the experience. The omelette’s and fish fry were delish. Hawks tried to get their hands onto my food, but my brave little sister was there to protect me.

She was there to comfort me when the Mahindra jeep came every morning to pick us up. I hated going to school. There was one particular incident when I cried, shouted and made a racket. My aunt somehow managed to bundle me into the jeep which zoomed away. My tears dried as my sister put me to sleep. She was barely four years old.What was worse was that I was not with my parents. They had sent us to my Uncle Jose so that we could try and study. They also had a fledgling organisation and my baby sister to look after. They wanted us to check it out, a promise they kept, when they took us back after I told them I did not want to stay away from them.

Arun was my cool cousin. He was about 4 years older than I, and the times my sister and I spent with him were special. They had some rabbits, with whom we played. He collected stickers of super-hero’s and his collection was awesome. We used to go fishing down the valley, and t’was here that I suggested to my sister that we give up studies and fish! Not the first time that I made that proclamation…..

Other Incidents:
There was protest about some land reclamation in the area. A suicide took place. First time I heard about that concept. One of us threw a stone which hit a ministers car. We had to join the protest! But the look from the cop made sure we sat there like statues.

My uncle had a huge encyclopedia. I looked through it often. The Tales of Spartacus and Samson, fascinated me, and I figured out the story through the pictures, my English extremely sketchy. There was this awesome illustration of the rocket and one of the human body shown through an imaginary network of pipes and taps helmed by a bunch of workmen…

It was in a jeep ride back home that I learnt who Steffi Graf and Monica Seles were, two older girls debating who was better. I saw the stabbing-incident on TV and could not imagine how someone could do such a thing.

I hated the ants! They were everywhere and the sand that surrounded the house was crowded by them. The other parts, including the steps outside were made slippery by moss. The house’s floor was red.

We were shown what good Christians did, mostly by a maid, and my sister was more regular than me in early Sunday mass. I saw the ‘Last Supper’ by Da Vinci here and got an explanation of what was goin on. I also saw the ‘Mona Lisa’ and was freaked out when she kept looking at me from wherever I stood. My cousin was right! He also showed us the concept of cinematic motion by making use of a matchbox and paper… Don’t remember exactly what he did

I heard about the Rajiv Gandhi assassination when I awoke late on morning. The Radio and everyone else looked mournful, so I joined in the display. They loved him in that house. Wonder why? But I felt real sorry for young Rahul and Priyanka…

Another incident I will never forget is going on a walk with my grandfather, Abraham along with my sister. We rarely spoke to him. We just followed him whilst many people greeted him along the way. He held this big umbrella with him. We then reached town, which was 2 km away and we were treated to Appam and Motta Curry (Rice pancakes and egg curry). Things eased out and the kids laughed and joked with their grand-pa…

There was a family reunion… a one year old kid sister, Duhita, came along with ma and pa. we had a program in which some cousins did a play. The characters killed each other for the gold, till the last man standing was felled by a snake. The coming-of-age sort of thing took place for my older cousins. They got tonnes of gifts. I told my folks that this was unfair and felt discriminated… We also had Christmas celebrations I think…

I thought in English and spoke in Malayalam the time we spent in Kottayam…

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Anna Ternheim – No Subtle Men

I discovered Swedish singer/songwriter Anna Ternheim while listening to Radio Paradise. The impeccably crafted No Subtle Men showcases her lyrical prowess.

It’s getting late
I think my time is running out
No-one special
Nothing lasting within inside

How should I stay calm
When panic lies just ahead
Everyone can see my youth
Hanging by a thread


No subtle men
Came to my town
No subtle men
Begging for my hand


I’m one of few who’s left
When everyone has gone
The train is leaving
And it’s too late to get on


So much for running
When no-one stays to wait
For another broken promise
To slip my mind by mistake


Who would take my word
On anything these days
I felt so many times
Saying I’m gonna change


No subtle men
Came to my town
No subtle men
No lifelong friend
Lives in my town
No subtle men
Begging for my hand

A defence of atheism

While I am spiritual surfer, I found this video about atheism quite compelling

Womens Day and Ubuntu

Yeah! T’was International Womens Day and irony was around the corner. While I was waiting for a god damn autorickshaw to take me to college, I noticed three school girls on cycles, two on one and one on the other. They were going past me. Two men on a motorbike slowed down behind them and a disgusting looking chap started to honk. As if intending to part them and also make them nervous. The girls maintained their nerve, looked ahead and cycled. They then overtook the solo cyclist and glared at her menacingly. Thats the last I saw of them. I hope they are okay.

I don’t know about other nations and their men folk, but I am sad to say that if you want to make a closer examination of that ugly, street, sweaty Indian ( please permit me to use that vague generalisation) male, you are entering into the heart of darkness. Their tentacles have reached for a friend and a sibling right in my presence. The response of the so-called victims in both cases was extremely violent, and they gave those respectives goons a trashing, which would resonate in their fucked up , patriarchal ego’s for a long, long time. They both ran away, shamed. My heart was thumping, and imaginations of terrible consequences to such unusual assertions in a society like ours, left me cold.

Ubuntu. Open Source. Linux. What more can I say. Well, Ubuntu is like philosophy, where you are closer to truth, but not quite. Its too complicated for me, and after 3 days of obsessing about Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntu 6.10, I am leaving them till college ends. But Ubuntu left me with a lot more. I deleted and re-formated the drives on which it was installed and I now cannot enter Windows XP. The computer was in dual boot mode. I now have to go home and find my XP cd and make my computer work again.