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Imaginings of your life

How do you begin your day, my pretty, fragile, and sincere queen? What are the first thoughts that engulf your mind when you open your eyes? Could I make the assumption that it is not a heavy mix of Neanderthal yearnings for food and copulation?  Is a headache, resulting from various nightly excesses, the first physical reaction to the bleakness of day? Do you flip the newspaper and look at the many beautiful people and wonder why you don’t know them? I have never really taken the time to really consider what you want  and desire. You, the object of my perpetual desire, never seem to desire anything except a warm hug from your mother, a cup of hot coffee and a nudge from your beatific cat.

Let me try chalking out one of your days. You wake up after multiple snoozes from your buzzing phone. Groggy and irritable, you trudge to the bathroom and splash your face open. Since I assume that your kind is generally of the cleaner disposition, the next step would inevitably involve the systematic cleaning of molars, incisors and canines.

Once you done with the ablutions, you progress to your large and airy kitchen. The sunlight streaming in through the meshed window temporarily blinds you. Once you regain your composure, you will microwave some coffee. While the porcelain cup begins to gently whirl, you collect the newspaper. Entertainment section in hand, and sipping some coffee, you have the first flash of excitement. You have identified a cinematic odyssey which you would dearly love to witness.

Since the clock somehow has a way of reminding everyone about the more mundane aspects of life, you leave the dining table and proceed to take an extended shower. While most men treat this as an unwanted chore, most women, including you, give this exercise the care and attention it needs. Bath done, enfolded in a towel, you walk to your large mirror and stare at yourself. Looking admiringly at the perfect symmetry of your face, you play around with your still wet locks. After a sufficient amount of preening, you proceed to get dressed. This I need not imagine, since I have witnessed your delicate and sensual dress up routine many a time.



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